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      High performance plastic compounding & extrusion line
      Parallel twin-screw extrusion

      HUAJU Machinery ? provides solutions in the field of plastic compounding & foaming, that reflect the"national design made" has fundamental innovation and practicality.

      XPS sheet foaming extrusion

      One step drying-free PET extrusion line

      1華聚致力于高性價比,中高端XPS擠塑板生產線的研發和制造。 在發泡領域,憑借多年為知名XPS設備生產商ODM的經驗,開發了XPS全系列的產品。

      Advanced Extrusion Technology
      • Advanced High Torque Gearbox

        Advanced High Torque Gearbox
        ODM Design & Manufacture Acceptable

        Torque level: T/A3≈9-11N?m/cm3;

        There are hundreds of our company's gear box on which running all kinds of extrusion line to create value for customers.

        Completely gear?gumming?lubrication, automatic forced circulation cooling system, additional spraying and forced filtration, oil-cutoff design, improve the reliability of the box ; plate fin heat exchanger.

      • Reactive extrusion of Thermoplastic Elastomers

        When dealing with a reaction system with high viscosity, twin screw extruder has overwhelming advantages due to its great heat and mass transfer performance, excellent interface renewing ability, narrow residence time distribution, large specific surface for devolatilization, and low threshold for continuous operation.

        Twin screw polymerization extruder, or twin screw reactor, can be used for not only the heat transfer, mixing, shearing, conveying, venting and extrusion, but also polymerization reactions. So the processing techniques are more complicated and more technologies are involved. This kind of extruder is not frequently used but is of great importance. Different reaction types have different requirements for the extruder’s structure and parameters. Custom machine is usually needed for specific material system and polymerization technique.

      • High filler masterbatch

        High filler masterbatch

      Pelletizing system
      • Underwater pelletizing line


        It is suitable for almost all Reactive extrusion of Thermoplastic Elastomers,sticky materials.

      • Water-standard cutting of fillers,blending&reinforcement

        It can be used for most of the polymer materials
        Such as: PP, PE, PET, PS, ABS, PC, PA, POM, EVA, PMMA, PPS, etc.
        Enhancement modification, filling modification, masterbatch and color mixing granulation, etc.
        A water-cooled device composed of granulation die head, cooling water though, pelletizer etc..

      • Water-ring Hot Face Pelletizing Line

        Black color masterbatch,Thermoplastic Elastomers,TPE/TPR/TPU/TPV and part of High filler masterbatch

      • Air-cooling hot face pelletizing

        Water absorbable or undehydrated and dry, and water have a bad effect on the material.
        It is suitable for processing PVC, elastomer, cable material and other high filler material, and No-wet material.
        (1) plastic pellets in the cylindrical shape, in good shape.
        (2) low power consumption of the equipment ,blade materials wastage wasreduced, and the pellets no more drying process?.
        Exclusion of Liquid Water , which is very sensitive to moisture for some material.
        The system usually includes the die head, the Pelletier, the cyclone separation, the vibration transmission and so on.









      Professional ODM serives

      Advanced R&D ability and experience. Provide a complete solutions from component parts to whole project.

      A powerful technical team

      A group of professors and professional technical elite ,in which to provide customers with cost-effective hardware equipment and first-class technical support services.

      Detailed file for each customers.

      Establish detailed file for each customer, can be timely , more efficient to provide technical and support services for customers.

      Maintenance and consultation service.

      Maintenance and consultation 7*12 hours service.

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